What do we show our grandchildren?

With regards to yesterday’s class I decided to post a bit about my topic. What I find a really interesting question to pose is: “What do we show our grandchildren?” When I visit my grandparent they often show me old pictures of their travels, the letters they wrote to each other and other tangible artifacts with regard to their memories. When I take a look at current society I wonder what we will show to our grandchildren. What is of such immense value to us, that we keep it for several years carefully placed in a known location? We will keep more than just our Facebook timeline and our most popular tweets right?

With regard to the readings:

The Probable/Plausible/Possible/Preferable is a diagram we have found in several articles already. A lot of speculative design articles refer to this framework by Dunne and Raby. I like what Tonkinwise has to say about this widely adapted framework and put in light I had not seen it before. Tonkinwise makes to strong arguments against this diagram.

According to Dunne and Raby the preferable lies between the probable and the plausible, Tonkinwise states that there is no reason why it should lie within in the possible and I agree with Tonkinwise. Just because it lies within the improbable realm it is nothing something that we should discard. I think that aiming for the highest/best achievable should be done, especially with regard to our futures. Dunne and Raby do not tell us why it is only within this area, though one could argue that by stating: “there should be a path of where we are today to where we are in that scenario”. Though I can probably quite often make a path towards a possible scenario.

The second thing Tonkinwise correctly observes is that the cone has a single point of origin. This indeed provokes the idea that this cone is from a single point of view. Whereas the future is a societal wide, with many different backgrounds and values. This single view will not represent our world population correctly in the future. I also like his notion with regard to this ‘flaw’ within this illustration.


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