Everyday Futures

I think that the connection of a utopia to current realities is a very important in creating critical design. By looking into the subtle details and tasks that are completed on a daily bases allows people to project their lives onto this future possibility. We have talked in the past about the need to connect our current space to the designed world in order to allow viewers to fully digest and be able to reflect the work, instead of “thinking it is cool” then leaving it alone. I am not saying that there is no value in the extreme way of thinking; I just agree that there are a large amount of benefits that can come from the “everyday futures.” By making futures more tangible, there is a greater chance of the design making a difference.

Guerrilla Futurists

There is a slight need for futurist work to have some kind of research on I, in order to make it relevant. The sneaky way to relveal work allows for more shocking and therefore possibly more beneficial work. The continued problem of the reach that design field has, is slightly altered with Guerrilla design.

Practice, Practice, Practice

I love the Column in Today. It is a brilliant idea to make one subtle reference to a date in the future. The Winning Formula simply provides the information that people want to see, in order to motivate people to want to change the future. I also find the Vending machine to be very interesting and kind of cute. By putting futuristic object in such an outdated dispensing devise it creates a odd dynamic of objects. However, it could fill this gap that was talked about in “Everyday Futures” because it gives a look into a mundane task like using the vending machine.


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