I love the idea of exploring a physical space as a means to understanding a possible future scenario, as in the Stored in a Bank Vault or 20 Second into the Future. There are a great deal of traditional design strategies that would make such a set effective: a collection of designed props and scenarios. How do you encourage navigation of such a space (environment  design) and how do you show people how to interact with things in that environment some of which may be completely unfamiliar?
It functions in almost the same way as a flexible game based on the pleasures of exploration. It helps whomever explores the virtual world to feel a measure of agency. Not only do you have the immediacy and tangibility of of critical design objects, you have a context in which to place them and the agency to do so through your own curiosity. I’ve experienced some art exhibits in this style that I found incredibly engaging, even having no idea why I was encountering such a world, the excitement is all in the potential to explore, and in noticing details. It forces design into the everyday, even in exciting scenarios like a potential bank robbery.

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