Superflux’s approach to interaction.

Superflux has a wide collection of both intriguing, visually beautiful, and informative work. I am a very big fan of most of the work done by Superflux. The way that the viewers are interacting with the different work is the most inspiring aspect. There is a wide range of interaction, from the “Museum of Future Government Services” all the way to an “Edible Christmas Card.” One of my favorite projects is part of the exploration of ‘mutations’ called “Atomic Seed,” which looks into the “using the power of the atom for beneficial purposed.” Again the amazing way that Superflux engages the audience by passing out the seeds is fantastic. By growing your own individual mutated plant, there is a connection to this concept on a daily bases.

In this class we keep questioning the engagement level of viewing critical and speculative design, questioning how it can attract a larger audience. I think that Superflux is on the right track towards building this larger fan base.


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