Power of 8: The Power of Creativity

This experiment was really inspiring to read about. The creativity it was able to generate was truly wonderful, and I was really impressed by the variety of interesting technology both the group of 8 and the participating public imagined could come to be.  I liked that the 8 people were from such different backgrounds, yet they were all about to work together to generate new and innovative ideas.  One aspect that is mentioned in the paper that I believe is crucial in these kinds of team activities is trust.  Coming from such different backgrounds, trust and respect are two components that are necessary to empathize with one another and really utilize each other’s skills, knowledge and insights.  People often evolve to become more like those around them or those in their field, so what is considered a good or bad idea, an effective or ineffective way of working and more is determined by what field one is in.  Learning to trust and respect each other’s points of view is, to me, one of the most important parts of working in a team.  This team showed success through their ability to build off each other and innovate together.

I was also very inspired by how the group’s ideas impacted the public, and how much the public contributed to the exhibit with their own imaginations and ideas.  Many of the ideas were so interesting to me, such creative solutions that I would have never thought of myself.  It makes me wonder why it is that, as a designer, I somehow feel constricted in my creativity, constantly being critical and not exploring with courage.  Those who participated and created pretend technologies were innovative through thoughtlessness, in that they were not afraid to dream big and wonder how life could be.

The imagined worlds was an interesting place to start, and I’m surprised by the first example of a world where people value community and the wellbeing of everyone.  I don’t know if this is the critic in me talking, but I just don’t see how this could ever come to be, at least not at large.  There are many communes and small communities in which this kind of lifestyle is sustainable, but there has to be that shared value system in place in order for it to succeed. I was also very intrigued by the imagined technologies.  Some were definitely more interesting and impactful than others; I felt that the towers of wax were a bit strange and infeasible, but was wowed by the idea for flocking clouds.  The ability to manipulate nature, something that humans have always had to adapt to, is a really interesting idea, but I wonder if there would be repercussions for trying to screw with the earth’s natural flow and cycles.  Perhaps it won’t be physical clouds, but a way to change the winds, the amount of vapor in the air, etc… Either way, I found that a very thought provoking idea that was successful in making me think about what we hope the future can be.


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