Power 8

I really appreciate that they acknowledge that the process can ends up being improvised. I feel that many of the other readings we have tend to characterize the critical design process as very strict and structured. I think it is essential to have improvisation in a creative process because it allows for very unique opportunities to arise. While it can be important to have a facilitator to keep the conversation on track, improvisation takes priority over it. Because when you are in an environment focused on working and creating, no matter how far off topic you get brought back to your original purpose, perhaps with a new view point or approach.

I found the idea of needing to build trust in order to complete the workshop to be intriguing. I usually don’t tend to view trust as a part of the equation in the critical design process. When it is something you are doing as a one time only event, trust doesn’t seem as important. Rather it is important to be able to work with others and to find a  way to contribute and build upon each other. I can understand why it is important to trust each other for a long term project, in terms of trusting others to pull their weight, to contribute, etc, but it may not be essential in this kind of work. I think it would have been more interesting if there were more examinations on how the participants built trust and how that changed their process.


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