Crowd sourcing the future

Power of 8 made me think if we can crowd source design fiction? If 8 people can come together and imagine a collaborative future of community, then why not extend this idea to masses? I wonder if this has been done before.

How to:
Ask people to populate speculations about the future that they want to live in. People would be given a certain amount of time till they can add as many speculations they want. A certain theme would be a great idea (as tarot cards we used for world building exercise). After this deadline, number of questions would be generated based on speculations submitted by people. People will upvote the speculations that they prefer and seem likely in their future. At the end of voting phase, top voted speculations can be put together and a fictional world can be created based on democratic opinion. This world will be collectively generated by masses for masses.

This is exciting. It’d be amazing to see outcome of such an experiment.


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