Collaboration of Method rather than of Values

I don’t think a diverse set of types of intellectuals is really necessary or ideal for building a conflicting and diverse set of desired futures. I think most of the designers in my studio have as varied desired futures as the full collection of people in line for a sandwich at Gingers right now. I think what is really great about a group of not all designers is that the process is fresh to these people and through misunderstanding we make discoveries that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Another benefit of designers working with other experts is that there are a lot of theories  and methods that run parallel to one another that can be recognized or newly discovered in one field while having been a core concept for years in another. Things like visual gestalt were used in design without a thought and explained by Psychology, or, better yet, things like induction, a key concept in computer science and mathematics, that can be applied to design when attacking wicked problems; how can we create a solution on a local level that can recursively expand to the global context? Can we prove that if this solution works on one human it will work of the next two humans and then the following 4, 8, 16 and so on? Man I really want to try writing proofs for design solutions… maybe if I start with something we know to have been successful via scalability or something, writing an inductive proof for it could be possible and then informative.

on a separate note:

“although Science Fiction narratives may initially appear to be focused on the future, “more often than not they are actually concerned with issues contemporaneous to their production” (Clear, 2009; p9) and so they offer their contemporary audiences an opportunity to reflect on both their current situations and their hopes for the future.”

Design Fiction aims to impact our current-day concepts by enabling designers to think of directions in which our collective future is shaped, while also acting as an accessible tool through which we can engage members of society in a dialogue about their individual hopes and fears.


One thought on “Collaboration of Method rather than of Values

  1. I was intrigued as to why you do not think it is ideal to have people from diverse backgrounds work together on building a desired future. I think that it can be very beneficial to have these different view points, not only because of skills, but also to help flesh out a more believable future. I think that unless someone has spent a lot of time research a topic, such as education, they cannot understand fundamentally the impacts of education. If they then want to build a future around this, because of lacking assumptions, their future would not be believable to someone that is an educator. By having a diverse group work together, I think that you can tackle more of the mundane everyday things in life. You have these different perspectives and have different people with deep knowledge into these areas.

    Thinking about the different skills that are brought to the group, I agree that this can be very useful. On the other hand, I think that you have to be very careful. Design should not be turned into a science. Design is able to look at these issues in a different way and not just apply a method that is expected to have a good outcome at the end because the method is followed perfectly. Humans are not math problems. They bring different experiences and backgrounds. I am not sure we would ever be able to find one solution that would work on one human that you could then say works on all of the others unless you make the assumption that they all have the same background.

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