What after Design Fiction?

After reading several articles for our Design Fiction class I became to notice a trend within the articles. The articles generally talk about designing a future scenario and how they tackled this process from a design point of view. What almost no article talks about is how to get to this future. The next steps are completely ignored. It is “This is our process, these are the results have fun with them.”

Designing the future is nice and all, but what is the point if you do not know how to get there?  Is the point merely to inform the ‘general’ public and let them think about. There must be a more efficient and effective way to create this future.  I am of the opinion the world of Design Fiction is doing no honour to their work be just letting in merely exist as artifacts and stories. There is no group of people who will start to work on this next steps and that is why I am still a bit skeptical of the concept of Design Fiction.


One thought on “What after Design Fiction?

  1. I agree. I think it would be really interesting if there was some sort of following workshop(s) that then takes the “Designed Future Scenario” and then sort of reverse engineers it into a timeline of events that shows how that scenario came to be. While I am sure this buildup/progression is thought and talked about in the process of getting to the designed future scenario, I think there would be great benefit from taking a fictionalized concept and making it real through materializing a detailed timeline, perhaps almost like an agenda. Then non design fictionists could take this timeline and begin thinking about policy or action that moves toward that direction. Actually, now that I think of it, I think thats what people do. I think companies do do this, they project a scenario and then think of the very how this happens, and they even take it further by thinking about how they can guarantee a stakehold in the future.

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