Morgan Fritz

In The Power of 8, I found the quote from Ballard to be of great interest. He states that, as we continue to progress through the future, we are constantly overlaying what was the past with what was the present, causing unalterable impermanence.

It caught me off guard to hear a timeline existing in a sort of rolling over manner rather than a progressive point on a line, however does indeed articulate well the way that new current events alter our view points and the significance of the previous as they build up and enlighten us with new perspectives.

He also speaks to the linear nature of designing a fiction by one individual versus a collective. Multiple vantage points indeed is a “democratic” approach to a designed future, but more importantly, it seems clear that the imagined future will have much more stability and realism by nature in having various stakeholders involved. I have been a facilitator to a fully non-design team before, and can relate to the structure it forms. However, once we passed the initial discomfort with a new brainstorming method, the impact of so many perspectives was phenomenal. It became more democratic as we progressed, as confidence built and they understood the process. I strongly agree with the notion of a wide community of input. It takes all “types of people to create disruptive innovation, even if it takes some disciplines longer to articulate in the same way.


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