The Faith of Future.

Cleon is the faith of the future.
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Untitled presentation (4)
Analysis of Egregorism from “The inflicted Actuality” by Hyt Kalp, (p27, year 2154)
“The inflicted Actuality” is a book written by nostalgist Hyt Kalp in year 2154 which never got published.

After note
Today’s fan fiction can become tomorrow’s belief. How can you possibly trace back the origin of a massive internet phenomenon? How thick is the line between reality and what dwells on the internet? Religions are nothing but shared beliefs of masses.

Based on:

The Slender Man Killings in 2014.



Girls who tried to kill Slender man

Girl attempts murder for Slenderman this time by setting house on fire.

How the Slender man became the violent reality

Managing a Monster

Images from:
deviantArt and the internets


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