Neo-Feminism of 2045

30 years from now……the world has changed a lot in every aspect of economic, ecological, social, legal, political condition……for the women alone !

It all started with the revolution that started in 2012 in India following gang rape of a 23 year old woman by teenage boys in a moving public transportation bus. There was a huge public outcry to stop such atrocities against women and for government to step in and take radical steps to eradicate this social problem.


Similar protests and demonstrations have taken place throughout the world. All the global female population has come up in solidarity and unified for a common cause – women’s right, gender equality, freedom, protection and to eradicate oppression.The protests were so strong and created a huge disruption in the society on every level. The scale and frequency of these protests grew by every passing year and impacted the minds of young women the most. There was a heightened sense of anxiety amongst the men in the power positions although a lot of men supported the cause. Men were ready to join hands with women to break the traditional patriarchy system and “who wears pants in the home” attitude and it caused a gradual disruption in the social fabric and family construction.

A known philosopher and thinker of the time, Cameron Tonkinwise said:

“ The only way to solve worlds every problem is to put women in power”

Such remarks and philosophical thoughts served as catalysts in the social upheaval and added fuel to fire. Getting such degrees of support, the Neo-Feminist movement gained momentum and turned the power structure of the world upside down. Years of oppression for women in Islamic countries had left them with no freedom and choices. This created a huge catastrophe as the only way they could imagine living on their own terms was to adapt the radical steps taken by Islamic militant groups. A lot of female operated radical groups now were a major concern for Sasha Obama- the new president of United States.

Traditional gender roles of staying home and caring for children is not just a choice, it is considered to be against the solidarity of the global female force. Men who are not abiding in the newly found system by participating in domestic work and who are not conforming to the newly found family system of accepting the Woman as a head of the household are considered illegal and unlawful and have found an underground refuge with similar men.

Women have to rule…..there is just no excuse. If you are born as a female you have to woman-up and take up the lead in every imaginable circumstance. Some norms are:

  • Being head of the family
  • Being in the most influential and power oriented positions like Politics, Corporate leadership, Religion, etc.
  • Making major decisions for United Nations Division for men
  • Serve on juries
  • Supreme court Judges

No man is allowed to do anything unless he has approval of at least 5 women and on official matters he would need attestation of 3 women who are unrelated to him.There is a wage gap now but the dynamics has been reversed. Women get paid more than any man doing similar job. Any crime committed against women by men are considered to be punishable to the highest degree and would be decided by the woman who was the victim. Rape, Domestic Violence are unforgivable and have a sentence of death even with a lab report of swab taken from the victim.

There is more though……at the Global Conference for United nations who are a part of this newly found world and have agreed upon these new ways of existence……leaders are about to pass a new law…in which the traditionally and biologically held system of carrying fetus for 9 months have to be done by the biological father if the woman is not willing to go thorough the experience.There has been major biomechanical developments where men are capable of bearing babies and there is dread……………………………..


Artifial womb……

A lot of training camps have sprung up to train men in that effect…… to be contd.

The original bizzare story

What inspried me ……

My own work on Design of an Anti Rape device as a Speculative Critical Project and a future manifesto that I explored during my masters project. It can be found on

The other source of inspiration was the Illustration by Harry Grant Dart made in 1908…for a political satire magazine.



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