Assignment 1: The Straight Path

Based on:

Who: Politicians/Egypt

Topic: Gay Sexual Orientation

Time: 2030

Place: Egypt

Goal: Completely Straight Country

Means: Forensic Anal Exams

In 2030 the future of Egypt is “the straight path”, at least according to the President and other leaders of Egypt. After years of examining western culture moving towards a more accepting attitude, Egypt’s resolve against the Gay orientation has only increased. In 2022 steps were made to start making gay sex illegal, but lacked the sense of urgency to become official. However the urgency was found in 2023 when an underground gay bar was discovered. The police conducted a raid with the purpose of shutting the place down and arresting everyone. However, the police were met with violence and it very quickly turned into a blood bath. Twenty-six civilians were killed, twelve were critically injured, and fifteen were arrested. This event motivated the public and politicians to officially make gay sex illegal in 2024. The Straight Egypt Law not only made homosexuality illegal, but it also put in place preventative measures and means of detecting an illegal orientation. It called for the funding of a mass media campaign to spread the dangers of homosexuality, the ability for the police to call for random Forensic Anal Exams, the requirement for all 18 year olds to take a class about the dangers of homosexuality and to take a test to indicate their straightness, and the ability for the police to detain those suspected for aiding the homosexual orientation. The western world, UN, and human rights groups expressed outrage at the clear violation of human rights and the extreme measures that the current was taking to prevent homosexuality from gaining ground. Due to Egypt’s extreme attitude, western nations (including the US and the former European Union) created the IHO (the International Homosexual Organization) in 2027 to fight Egypt. However, after seeing the effectiveness of Egypt’s counter homosexual measures (according to the Egyptian Government over 300 suspected gays have been detained and total straightness is projected to be achieved by 2033) countries like Morocco, Ghana, and India are adapting similar policies. IHO travels around the globe to offer services to Homosexual Refugees or targeted homosexuals and attempts to require “at risk” countries to join the cause. While they have been successful recruiting more liberal and western countries, they face a roadblock with countries like Egypt. Egypt refuses allow IHO to enter the country or airspace. As of 2028, there has been talk of creating an international to counter the IHO’s work, but no action as of 2030. The citizens of Egypt in 2030 approve of the government’s actions against the homosexual. In the beginning there was some resistance, especially since the forensic anal exams were extremely disruptive for daily life. However now police officers have devices to perform fast FAEs and the public appreciates the effort the government is making to make the country homosexuality free without taking away from their day. In turn, the public works with the police to report any homosexual behavior. Analysts have begun to note the remarkable similarities between Egypt and other controlling governments from history and predict more attempts to spread more anti homosexuality policies.

Anti Homosexuality Campaign:

straight_path_1 copy

“Stay on the Straight Path for the Family”


“Stay on the Straight Path for the Children”

Class work that has helped me:

– The Tarot Cards from Super Flux

– “Design Fiction: A Method Toolbox for Design Research in a Complex World” By Grand, Simon and Wiedmer

Images from:



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