Exploit and Exposure

“Everything is going to be alright” is no longer a phrase that exists within the glossary of a critical practitioner. There may be no right, there may be no easy truths, but all will be revealed and all will be reflected upon.

After reading the Critical Engineering Manifesto, I feel as if I’ve been just been warned. What is coming? An oncoming revolution? A new paradigm? The truth is that it seems these movements have been here, I suppose just “unevenly distributed” for some time. Regardless, hide your disciplines and hide your techno-social dependencies, because the critical engineers are coming to break down your firewalls and expose all of your dirty passwords. If I’m being overly facetious, sue me–better yet, exploit me.

Of course, there exists validity in what Oliver & Vasiliev claim. Separate from the somewhat forceful-tone, I applaud this manifesto. My only concern is that they’ve limited their scope to the language of disciplines, where, very clearly “art, architecture, activism, philosphy, and invention” are all distinguished from “engineering”. I’m not impressed this segregation. This manifesto reads powerfully, it’s written potently, but until it accepts our stance in a post-disciplinary future, I’m unable to engage in tireless debate/discussion surrounding the various praxes we comfort ourselves with.


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