Critical Engineering

It is almost funny to find that critical design and critical engineering are defined so similarly. The only difference seems to be that critical engineering focuses more on revealing technology than human behavior or future habits. Another thing I notice while looking through Oliver’s and Vasiliev’s work is that it seems to be small scale. I think their project make very important points that could create really interesting conversation, but how much  are these projects (and other critical design/engineering) really getting viewed and making an impact? I have a feeling that unless you are looking for it, it is invisible.

So then it really seems like a marketing problem, doesn’t it? Oliver and Vasiliev are making some really cool and interesting things that a lot of people would want to make too or at least say something about it. What I especially like about critical engineering is that it seems to live outside of an exhibit and in the real world. So then isn’t this an opportunity to “trick” the media into promoting it and getting it to go viral? Or maybe it has and I have lived under a rock. Either way, a common theme of these readings is that these critical practices are meant to spark discussion and there are issues getting people involved in that discussion and it seems almost too easy to take the first steps to solve that problem.


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