Ignorance is Bliss

Morgan Fritz

I really find the work focusing in on how exposed you can be within the false security of technology. The “Men in Grey” project in Julian Oliver’s work highlights this very well. Much of the things we release into the cyber world are easily hacked and exposed to undesired audiences.  The “PRISM: Beacon Frame” poses a similar question of false securities, in which it sends you text messages when you sign on to the falsely secure wifi. “Newstweek” also uses wifi in this nature. Using wireless devices in public and public wifis are actions we do on a daily, even hourly, basis. These works are powerful in their extremity to cause questioning of these unconsidered realities.

As also shown in “Critical Multimedia,” there are many provocative forms of media leakage and exposure that force you to stop and consider how far is too far. Is it not a concern simply because it is out of sight? Are we okay with our personal information being public? We are fully aware that Facebook owns what we post on the site, and because we have not directly seen the information used negatively, we passively accept this?

The documentary, Terms and Conditions May Apply shows many of these examples that we have openly agreed to within a convoluted list of “terms and conditions.”

Ignorance is bliss I suppose..


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