Tarot Card World Building

DIYBIO Enthusiast – Help Humanity – Breakup of Nation States – Rise of Counterfeit – Las Vegas – 2024

In 2024, a world crisis of water shortage causes Las Vegas, in its own fear-fueled greed, breaks off from the United States into a city-state, as many other cities in the US had done previously. A group of DIYBIO enthusiasts hold an underground society where they try to improve the human body to be able to consume dirty or saline water, as well as the ability to produce lab-created water. However, open-source symbio has been outlawed because of moral implications and past cases of fatality. Symbio corp, a government sponsored company, holds the monopoly and all the rights to any open-source symbio. These DIYBIO groups secretly share their symbio creations in order to save humanity from the devastating water shortage.

DESIGNfiction 20150127_131031

unnamed (1)

A water detector


The water bottle of the future


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