Tarot Card Exercise


–       Varanasi, India

–       2018

–       Celebrity

–       Nobel Prize

–       Citizen Science

–       Mandatory Gene Sequencing


In 1994, a scientific group decoded the human genome in private.  Using this information, the project’s lead scientist found 2 subjects with a genome sequence that follows the ideal western cultural views of what would create an ideal beauty.  Using their genetic material, he birthed a child to prove his theories. In 2018, the research is revealed and we find that the child that was born following the ideal beauty tropes was the celebrity Kate Upton.  The lead scientist then received a Nobel Prize for his effort.  Following the perceived success of this experiment, the wealthy of the western world pushed for mandatory gene sequencing, allowing them to find their best companion, ideal work force, and so forth.  Citizens opposed to this new future rebelled, and formed a haven in Varanasi, India where the mandatory gene sequencing is not required.  In this haven, citizen scientists continue to find a way to disprove the validity of the scientist’s gene sequencing experiments and a way to find fault and or/danger in these required sequencings.


Work of Rachel Ciavarella, Deepa Butoliya, Stephen Cook, Luca Giacolini


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