The rise of Venterism

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Ongoing corruption in the Chinese government in Beijing [1,2], has driven an underground group of bio-aware fusion reactor workers — known as the People for Limited Power (PLP) — to gradually develop a private library of black-market sourced genetic data from many of the worlds greatest leaders in recent history [3], with the intent of one day using it to improve their condition. In 2038, new technology enables evaluation of ethics from genetic data [4]. Frightened by the countless issues this may bring to the forefront, the Chinese government blocks the new service, adding personal awareness of genetic information to the great firewall of China. Being masters of the underworld, the PLP are able to subvert the firewall [5] and realize that many of the leaders of modern China are provably corrupt. With this added evidence they orchestrate a movement and riots break out. The PLP use their expertise and the new service to mix and match DNA from their database to piece together an ideal, ethical, infallible, incorruptible, and just leadership genome. The standing government is overthrown within the next few years and the PLP is able to put the first ‘born to be ethical’ leader (ironically, a genetically altered child at the age of six)[6] in power. That was the start of a new form of participatory governance in which the leaders are designed by the people, Venterism, named after Craig Venter, the godfather or synthetic life [7].

Sixty years later, it’s found that the American government has been hacking and manipulating the Venterist Chinese leadership with genetically engineered Coca Cola.


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The ‘Born to be Ethical’ leader.


Notes from the process.


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