Impact of Design Fiction

I have been thinking about impact of design fiction. Due to my training as engineer, i find it hard to believe in theories and concept which ultimately do not lead to some form of functional use. This week’s readings helped me understand the impact design fiction might have.
1. The difference between literary science fiction and design fiction is that the artifacts of design fiction exist in real life. We are motivated to think not only about the future but also about present, alternative could-be situations. I could identify with the concept of ‘perceptual bridge’ that Auger mentions in his paper. Fiction creates the bridge between present and near future which can be walked on, which is real. Also, Auger mentions that these objects act as a form of ‘cultural litmus paper’ to test the effect on society even before these object exist.
2. Stuart Candy mentions that no matter if it is present or future studies, the process of design is mostly the same. He also underlines that designers have not been behind many calls for social change, even though they are in a profession which puts people at the heart of their solution. It’s a profession which involves looking at a problem on a macro level, understanding connections and dependencies. Hence, it’s about time we develop our own framework and visions to bring in social change. We are the profession which can potentially tackle  ‘wicked problems’, we should get actively involved in solving larger problems.
3. ‘Alternative nows- how things could be right now’ are discursive design pieces which start conversations. It helps society to see their present and future as cause effect, something which they can control and affect, collectively.
4. “To be sure, some of the largest challenges that humans presently face could be said to result from insufficient ‘futurity’ being built into the designed world. ”
If every object we design is treated as an artifact that will be part of our future, designers would think about their creations more deeply, going beyond their commercial value. This makes me think if design fiction can be separated from the rest of the design? Isn’t it true ,what we create lasts more than that moment of creation? It does impact future whether we consider it or not. I think design fiction brings in sense of responsibility towards society, politics, community and culture which is critical for every designer. I see deign fiction as a thought process and not as a methodology, which should be embraced by all designers.

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