I remember you from somewhere….

What intrigued me in Auger’s piece was the discussion of familiarity. Throughout the paper, through defining speculative design, Auger states that effective design fiction is not cast too far in the future but close enough that it’s still relatable to the public. But, on the other hand he also cautions speculative designers to be conscience of normality because

“If a design proposal is too familiar it is easily assimilated into the normative progression of products and would pass unnoticed.”

I love this aspect of design fiction because it’s subtle and falls into the big picture of design all at the same time. The little things and products that we face and use on a daily basis that seem mundane and repetitive are the objects that are familiar but can be used to strike and provoke a different lifestyle. We are asking people to understand that what we use and hold onto presently may not be the same in 50 years. We are asking people to understand that change is inevitable and we have the power to change it if you choose to take the time to imagine it. And mostly, we are asking people to acknowledge the presence of opportunity if we choose to be responsible for it. That’s not exactly what the reading was about, but it definitely made me think about why speculative design could be extremely valuable if integrated into the process of design thinking and wonder how long it will take before it becomes a part of the design-minded norm.


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