Definitions & Derivations

James Auger – Speculative Design: Crafting the Speculation

This. This entire paper. This is the reason James Auger, of RCA notoriety, is one of the primary resources in the field. From this article, we can all derive closer definitions to what exactly is (and has been) “speculative design”. Structured well, the article references and exemplified key proponents of various techniques used by speculative designers: specifically, I quite enjoyed his section on the “uncanny” as this is the main avenue I’m skipping down in my own work. However! While this works is both clear and well-paced, it pains me to say that I found it ended too abruptly. There was depth, we were digging deep, then—woosh— in an instant (and a page turn), we’ve reached the concluding paragraph, which I felt could have been fleshed out more appropriately. At any length, this is largely a small dissatisfaction as the paper is definitely one of tha real ones, so far.


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