Varying Insights


The Future of Futures

When “waves of futures” are established, it is easy to see the multiple benefits of using scenario building universally. From story telling to predicting future marketing trends, the concept is rich in sparking creativity and highly beneficial as a thinking method. Similarly, the field of design, as a whole, is also currently making this spread into many other disciplines. The use of design methodologies to brainstorm, ideate, and consider alternate perspectives very much deepens and gives a breadth of understanding.

Crouwdsourced Futures

When discussed that “more participation does not necessarily mean better participation,” seems to be a common overriding problem. Although we have extensive resources of statistical data collected through various sources and algorithms, they do not necessarily yield accurate enlightening data. I agree that engagement must be a genuine two-sided engagement. How can incentive be established that produces authentic outcomes through authentic interactions?

The Poetics of Design Fiction

“What is too far away from our present realities seems not to be a valid criterion for determining the nature and range of design fiction.”

Finding the connection back to our present realities creates a limitation in closing out possibilities simply because they seem to foreign to the future we recognize. it seems entirely unintuitive to do so considering what we see in present reality compared to 100, even 50 years ago. Many topics that would have been considered design fictions then are hard realities today. It seems more beneficial to go on the other end of the spectrum to see just how far you can remove yourself from the present realities to imagine alternates. It’s a much more challenging initiative than the previous.

It would be interesting to take children’s perspective, or children themselves to do this, because their naïvety and inhibitions gives them a powerful perspective to imagine realities that adults my rule out based on today’s limitations instead of considering tomorrow’s innovations.

Design Fiction is not Necessarily About the Future

I found the discussion of design fiction as a present day tool very insightful. It’s similar to the card game we played in class, in that concepts can range from far off futures to 6 months from now, and the various occurrences or discoveries therein.  The focus on “possibility” in design is a great overarching vantage point, much different than the division of design and design fiction sectors.


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