The Poetics of Design; I understand forcing a connection to modern day, so that the work is reviewed by its merit, instead of immediately being disregarded as far-fetched. However there a large amount of information that can come out of something that pushes the boundaries. I think that a large amount of work is inspired by ideas and concepts that are unrealistic. I like the idea that with every design there should be a path or story that could connect it to the past. This way with an explanation it could be a way to remove the work from sci-fi or fantasy and allow it to be more critically looked at.

The connection between literary practice and design is an interesting concept. The use of the novel “The Civil War in Denmark,” with it’s creative timeline, allowed some room for creativity. However, I found most of it very constrained. With every design process it is nice to have structure and guidelines, however is it limiting the amount of creativity and inspiration that could be produced by Design Fiction.

Design Fiction is Not Necessarily About the Future; There is a great point that is raised, doesn’t all design for the future? With the need to fully identify and explain this new field, there are many defined terms. Although this is very helpful to allow people outside of the field to start to digest the concept of design fiction, is it adding complexity?

I like how Design fiction objects sit in an “ambiguous state” it allows for the viewer to comprehend a possible future. By creating “objects for a possible world, which exists as material entities in the actual world,” there are less obstacles, making it easier to (again) think of the work more critically.


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