Fiction in Design Fiction

One thing that stood out to me the most in the readings was the role that Fiction plays in Design Fiction.  The analysis of the word, in all the articles, is slightly different, but ultimately showing the importance of defining its definition and role.  For example, in “The Poetics of Design Fiction”, the author spends a lot of time thinking about how close to reality fiction must be in order to be considered fiction and/or useful to design fiction.  He then digs into what the role of fiction does for speculation, saying, “The central question to ask is how [these fictions] are connected to our present realities?”  There is an interesting insight beneath the surface here, which is that the fiction in which design fiction is planted is of utmost importance to the feasibility and usefulness of the exploration.  “This act of fiction making is an intentional act, which does not have deceptive but fictional intentions”.  One needs to be critical yet openminded about the space in which design fiction happens to increase its ability to say something about our present realities.

Alternatively, when looking at reality, “Negotiating Futures Design Fiction” states the that “we do not live in a single and coherent world, but in many different worlds. We can therefore not really speak of the real world since there are many real, actual or parallel worlds.”  This is an interesting thought, that reality is only what we perceive to be true, but the truth is so much more than we know.  Fiction is naturally considered to be false, made up, but this isn’t to say that it is really false.  Many of the fictional things we imagine, especially in design fiction, are worth looking at as reality in order to reap and cultivate the most from the potential of fiction and truth.


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