A science of fiction

Todays readings first struck me as pedantic. The nuances of observing and documenting history seem straightforward in comparison to the cascading complexity of this means for exploring the future.

However, on deeper reading, I feel there’s a valuable discussion, that perhaps none of the authors actually got around to making in full. Our current use of fiction is usually as a concept of an alternative and often future reality. But, in Design Fiction, we’d really like a formal method of discussing the future that intrinsically deals with the uncertainty and potential risks, but does not get so boring as to loose its inspirational, provocative, or exploratory value.

We’d like to be able to explore the unknown without having to wait for it to exist, we’d like to preempt design iterations and lackluster cultural responses. We’d like to practice thinking about other states of the universe to help us deal with our own. To do this in a professional or academic capacity, we will need to decide on a way of understanding this activity, a science of fiction that we can then apply design to.


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