I can’t stand the desire to make design a prescribed process — a “4-step method for prototyping design fictions”: seriously? This isn’t stuff that should have a repeatable process. This isn’t stuff that can have a repeatable process. Innovation is a function of free-thinking and lightbulb moments, not the scientific method. You’re sucking all the fun out of design fiction.



  1. Design Fiction objects cannot exist alone; they must always be chaperoned by a narrative world.

  2. Design Fiction objects can exist alone, as long as they presented in a vacuum. If there’s any glimpse of a real-world connection, people will assume it’s a modern-day artifact, or worse, art (yuck).


Get out of my future. Just let me imagine in peace.

Some of the only solace I have in life is imagining what could be. It used to be flying cars and Asimovian robots, but now your truths are trickling in. You took away my utopian society, and replaced it with pedants.

I’m apparently not people, since I care more about machines than relationships.


Design Future is about designing society as much as it is about designing artifacts.


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