Malpass states the need for mystery in the design to leave room for discussion. I like the idea that the designer acts as a mediator for conversation. By placing the controversial information without a defined angle, it allows for critical analysis to happen. Without that room for debate, it would be easy to disregard the piece. Although the need to accompany a descriptive paragraph about the work makes sense with the complexity of the problems, it makes me question its ability to attract people outside of this field. Malpass says that there is a need for this work to reach out to people outside of the field, which is true. Currently there is no way for an “outsider” to approach this type of design.

I am really intrigued with Speculative Design. The combination of current science and technology in a near future, allows for very tangible problems. The referenced piece questioning the potential dating method of blind scent dating, not only provides a shocking image, but it makes people question the power of knowledge and the lengths people will go to find a compatible partner.

I also really liked the Critical Design piece with the five-legged chair. The playful nature of the design in mocking the conventions of object interaction, makes for a light hearted interpretation of product production.


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