First fresh impression

“Design fiction is the deliberate use of diegetic prototypes to suspend disbelief about change” Bruce Sterling

Be it explicit or not, be it done on purpose or not, each piece of design has a narrative associated with it and shows an envisioned world, either it being referred to past, to the present or to the future.
I believe that designers rarely create a product for a place which already exhists. If was was to design a new lamp to put on my desk in studio, I would probably be thinking of a specific natural light coming from the window, dropping a specific shadow on my desk. And I would imagine my desk to be clean too! Having said that in my opinion designers tend to idealize the context they work on, aware or not, here comes my comment on my first encounter with the discipline of design fiction.
What makes the discipline interesting to me is its relationship to science. The idea of being inspired by facts to create fiction has long been used in literature, but acquires even more credibility if shown in a 3D world.
What I think is not talked over enough is the identification of subject of the design fiction. Who is the main characted of the story? Is it the user, the context or the means, the technology? When I look at most contemporary designs I can not help thinking that the more user-centered design notion is implemented within the discipline vocabulary, the more technical solutions are instead applied to solving design problems. Would design fiction propose itself as a more holistic approach for designers? Would it try to merge the discrepancy which is out there in between technical development and moral-ethical development? (maybe I made a too big statement here..)
My suggestion is: let’s make the human being the main character of our speculation, but I am afraid I can not say any lot more.


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