Finally a Place Where My Crazy Thoughts Make Sense

Imagine a world where…

– Speech has completely depleted to entirely vocal fry

– Everything in the world was modular and planned obsolescence never existed

These are the types of things that wander into head every day, be it in the shower, walking to class, or during a boring lecture. I used to think these were just things that made me giggle in passing or my overactive mind shooting around too much – but I guess I’ve found it here in this class.

It was interesting to read the breakdown of associative, speculative, and critical design. The one I feel I associate (ha) the most with is associative design, namely because of the repurposing of the existing and of Horatian satire, which I had no idea existed before reading Malpass’ passage. I find it very parallel to my way of thinking and sense of humor to criticize through the use of the incongruous. I love puns. I love transforming objects using unexpected materials. I love questioning things through exaggeration. On the other hand, I find that Juvenalian Satire is definitely not my style – while I find the shocking to be effective, it is not the path that I tend to choose in order to communicate ideas.

I enjoyed the use of history in Sterling’s article, his connecting to the past to relate to the current. However, I can’t say I completely agree with his stance on literature vs. design. He says that design is much more progressive and that literature does not have much to offer to design. To me, that sounds rather harsh and closed minded. What is design without literature? Perhaps I’m misreading his definition of literature in this context, but with all the media out there today I find his viewpoint hard to believe. It seems wrong to disconnect them so much.

This brings me to my last point, where Bleeker says “Design makes things for people.” Is not literature for people? Therefore, is literature not design? Additionally, I think his statements on science fact versus science fiction are very poignant. While people rag on science fiction all the time, science fiction can easily become science fact once new technologies and innovations are thrust upon the world.

I think it’s very difficult to say very firm statements about design outside of straight definitions. Overall, these readings definitely made me question what I want to do or who I want to be. I guess having regular existential crises is a part of being a designer? Maybe that’s just me.


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