Critical Practice in Design

The article by Malpass intrigued me in the sense that I never thought of satire and this public critique being needed to be applied to its own field. The article talks about design needing to critique consumer design. Often when I think of satire I think of a discipline having a humorous critique of another discipline, but I have not considered the need to turn this internal and in a public fashion.

The article provided an interesting discussion three critical practices. What I found interesting was not only how these design practices could provide feedback about current design artifacts, but how they could really push the limits of what we accept in society and showing those boundaries of that help to explain why current designs exist. One question that I did have when I was reading about the speculative design is how do you know when your design has had the intended effect? Does it ever happen where a designer may think they are exploring a cultural implication to find that it actually no longer exists?


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