Intro to Design Fiction

I really appreciated Julian Bleeker’s essay on Design Fiction, explaining in detail how he feels towards design’s role in creating greater and important change in society and the future.  In particular, a quote of his that really stood out to me was, “If design can be a way of creating material objects that help tell a story what kind of stories would it tell and in what style or genre? ”  I think this really challenges me as a designer to think about what design could and should be.  I had never set my goals when designing to tell a story with the intention of having the story speak to society, but I realize now that this is what makes design a powerful means of expression as well as an initiator for new perspectives.

Moving from this essay to Matt Malpass’s piece helped me understand what successful critical, speculative and associative design look like.  It really astounds me how designers have been able to take their creativity and apply it to what the future might have in store for us.  It takes a lot of thinking and understanding of the current world to imagine such interesting and provocative potential futures.  I hope to be able to tap into this kind of thinking and imagination.  To think, if designers were all trained and encouraged to think in this way, what would design look like?  and what could it do for our changing society?


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