Project 1: My Alternate Selves

Project: What If I had not moved to Miami in 5th grade.

Process PDF: Click here

Pitch Presentation: How the story in my head goes.

Some thoughts from about halfway into the project:

I am looking at the major divisions that I think exist since I became 12 years old and moved to Miami. In each division, major happenings that stick out in my head are listed. What I want to map now is the ways in which events from each division have caused subsequent ones in later divisions.

I have also made a short chart in which I list the aspects that I think have been influential throughout my post 6th grade experience and I also specify ones that have been helpful in my mind, as well as ones that are currently helpful now and ones that I am still evaluating.

I think that the main observation I have at this point is that whether or not I had moved to Miami in 6th grade, it is highly likely because of my way of being and my personal experience of self-confidence, that my experience would have actually been very similar. What I think could have influenced my experience significantly is that I had different brain / behavior patterns and that my weight was normal at the time I got to 6th grade.

Annotated image of alternate scenarios:



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