Counterfactual Process Record

Sentiment on Tattoos:
Fake Sleeve:
Flickr Mood Board:
How to Grow Moss – Blend (See Method 3 of 3):

Brainstorming Ideas:

  • Transparent Hair
  • Dynamic Hair Dye (Changes color, pattern, brightness)
  • Gene Splicing with Animals
  • Changing DNA to Change Features
  • Bone Marrow Implants
  • Removing Body Parts
  • Deleting Senses to Increase Other Senses
  • Growing Plants on Skin
  • Implanting Creatures on Bodies
  • Implanting Unique Sensations throughout the Body
  • Gaining Experience through Multiple Self-Images/Lives (as a law, right of passage, religion or hippie sentiment)

Wore a fake piercing around for 2 weeks to see reaction and understand how it feels to have such an outward facing body modification.


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