imPlants by Alysia

Moss imPlants


  1. Prepare the area of skin by vigorously exfoliating skin to remove dead layers.
  2. Sanitize area to remove bacteria from surface.
  3. Paint over the design with nutrient-rich cream.
  4. Paint the outlining skin with chemical to prevent overgrowth.
  5. Cover the surface of the skin with the blended moss mixture.
  6. Place nylon over the entire area of moss coverage.
  7. Inject nutrients directly into the center of the design, promoting stimulated growth.
  8. Moss will be firmly attached in about one week.
  9. Follow up after one week of growth to trim and clean edges, and reapply nutrients and boundary chemicals.
  10. Moss will begin detaching in several months as skin regrows and sheds the design.

Dermal imPlants


  1. Place desired seed into dermal anchor.
  2. Open skin with needle.
  3. Place the dermal anchor under the skin in a curved motion.
  4. Screw the hollow stud into place.
  5. Blood will clot around opening, sealing the imPlant into place.
  6. As blood fertilizes the seed, it will germinate  in about a week and break through the blood clotted in the hollow stud.
  7. Roots must be managed regularly (typically bi-weekly appointments) using growth stunting chemicals.
  8. Once the plant dies or needs to be removed, dry the seed out and break it through the hollow stud, then vacuum out shattered pieces.
  9. The dermal anchor can be replaced with a new seed, or left under the skin and used as a base for temporary plant cuttings.

dermal montagem

Hair imPlant Extensions


  1. Sew or glue fertilized strip of desired implant.
  2. Wash hair with nutrient-rich imPlant shampoo.
  3. Growth will begin in days, but will take up to a month or two depending on desired length and plant type.
  4. Trim and groom as desired.

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