Link from Golan about privilege in SCD

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I thought this is what speculative and critical design (“SCD”) was for! I thought the smart fridges and sleek flat screens were in some other kind of design (“mainstream design”?) and that a critical design work would only really work at all if it did criticize latent privilege.

Is this author ignoring a lot of work that does try to address this privilege? Or are we ignoring a lot of work that doesn’t?


One thought on “Link from Golan about privilege in SCD

  1. You are right that criticizing and raising questions about cultural/social issues is what SCD is for. But Prado’s main point is that a lot of SCD doesn’t truly do this because because it is made by privileged people, for a privileged audience, and addresses issues that only privileged people care about.

    This article was a response to the conversation that was happing on the Design and Violence site. If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend you do so, for context:

    Prado also talks about the potential of SCD to more meaningfully address the cultural and social issues that the “not-privileged” face. Another good source for further reading: In this article, Galloway warns against “auto-ethnography” in design, which if used wrongly, just becomes a way “to privilege [designers’] own thoughts and experiences.” This is what Prado says is happening with SCD.

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