Exemplar: Blood and Fungal Buildings

When Aisling showed us the Design and Violence website last week, I recognized Phil Ross’ Mycotecture creations which were part of the Intimate Science exhibition at the Miller Gallery in 2012.

In addition to his mushroom sculptures, the gallery exhibited Ross’ experiments in “mycotecture” – architecture that has been made out of growing mushrooms into the shape of bricks to use in construction.

Video on Mycotecture

I also discovered an architecture project by Jack Munro that uses bricks with blood from cattle that is used as an adhesive for sand.

More Images and FastCo Article

Munro Studio Process

Even though the techniques for making these materials have been actualized, the speculative design comes into play when you start thinking about what people’s relationships to buildings made of these radical natural resources would be like. I personally think a building out of mushrooms is fantastic, but blood would be a bit gruesome. Ross envisions a tea house that is both constructed and deconstructed by the mycotecture building itself, and Munro proposes that blood bricks could be used in desert environments that utilize blood of slaughtered cattle that is typically a wasted by-product.

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