Exemplar: Curious displays – A hyper intelligent device

This video demonstrates a hyper intelligent device that learns your behaviors and adapts to your needs. The product – a “curious display”, starts learning about you from the moment it is unboxed. It studies the environment it is in and finds a spot to “settle down”.

Its primary function is to display content. What’s cool about it is that it can disintegrate into several intelligent, connect pieces which provide contextually relevant information. These parts can move around the room, point to things and display information individually.

This is a fascinating look into “hyper intelligent devices” but it paints a very rosy picture of the future. How do you control this device when it starts doing things that you don’t want it to do?

For example, the other day I was playing around with a Google Glass. I frustrated when it suddenly started taking pictures and I couldn’t figure out how to make it stop! Given that the primary mode of control for Glass is voice, I instinctively started barking orders at it but that didn’t really do anything. The only way I could stop it was to take off the Glass and put it under a pillow till it shut off.

Intelligent devices can make life much easier. But what happens when they start disobeying you and you can’t control them?


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