Word Art Hype Cycle

I found Naimark’s terminology to be rather useful in explaining a concept that I’ve often had difficulty sorting out in words and thoughts. I was familiar with the idea of the ‘first word’ in art, for example Pollock is significant because Pollock got away with doing drip painting as art first. This is sometimes how I like to think about and oversimplify modern art. Someone might not have done it first, but they are the first to do that thing and have it be called art. Similarly, with the Gartner Hype Cycle, it is pretty difficult to be the one who does the thing best or thinks of the thing first. In my mind this is where the trough of disillusionment comes into play. Whether it is art or technology, a quick survey of existing works is sure to crush any delusions of originality. So is the author really dead? Did Duchamp already do it best when he did it first? Probably, but then along comes some famous fellow to make a business out of not doing it. 34. When an artist learns his craft too well he makes slick art. It only seems natural to reach into the trough. It is simple, it has potential for getting in a ‘last word’, and It is where I go if I can get past my romanticism.


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