FW to Technology Trigger and LW to Plateau of Productivity is how I’d loosely relate GHC and FW/LW. I think FW and technology trigger are easily paired together because both are exploratory and cannot to be truly evaluated immediately, but LW and the plateau of productivity have more differences. Naimark compares first word art to a festival showcasing the latest and trending and last word art to permanent collections in a museum. Like last word art, the elements on the plateau of productivity must be accepted or used by a large audience, but elements on the plateau will eventually lose popularity or function, while last word art must persist through time. I am most interested in last word art because the resulting pieces can become examples of timeless cultural icons. The process of expanding, refining, and perfecting an idea or structure to a seemingly unbeatable level is more interesting and understandable to me than the process of conjuring up a concept.  

Schulze prefers to work in the trough of disillusionment because there is less stake involved and it has the most potential to be successful.  


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