First word art and last word art I think are similar to the hype cycle with a few differences. To me art doesn’t necessarily have to have a purpose, or a problem to fix, while design/technology usually comes to existence to fix things, or make it better. Technology provides with tools for art to express more. After all Beethoven’s 5th is possible because the instruments existed, and the instruments existed because the tools existed. So the comparison is not quite right. We can maybe compare the invention of piano/first uses by someone, and a virtuoso playing it later on in the future, but I think simply comparing tools with musical pieces, or artworks, which are the end results and products of the tools is an inaccurate comparison.

Personally, I’m more interested in the tools, the enablers. Although I love music, and musicking, I’m more interested in creating the tools, and mediums for the very music I make and like. I think musicians are like tech consumers in many ways. Some love experimenting, they’re open for new tools and sounds, and they adopt new instruments and tools really quickly. While others feel responsible for providing the same type of music to their audiences supporting them for years. They’re not as open, but they do evolve. They get better tools, they use the technology more, even if it’s to achieve similar results, they do “upgrade” by time. They wait longer, till the technology is stable, and reliable for them to use on stage, with their eyes closed.

I think as a creative Schulze prefers working with more established technologies, as they’re widely adopted, and integrated into people’s conversations so deeply, that they forgot it doesn’t exist yet. (or about to forget) – I think it would have been much more harder for Schulze to aim to start these conversations from scratch. To me it makes sense that he’s more interested in the “Trough of Disillusionment”, because I think with all it’s complexity, technology takes time to adopt, for less tech-savvy people, and looking at Schulze’s work, I think the target is not the super tech-savvy people. It’s more like the technology for less tech-savvy people. Or technology that everyone -not just techy people- can use.


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