FW/LW and GHC – Rohan’s interpretation

First word art and last word art lie on the opposite ends of the Gartner Hype Cycle. GHC is a more detailed view of FW/LW because the latter fails to express the inevitable peak of a novel idea and its subsequent fall. The value of first word art lies in the fact that it excites people about the possibilities of an innovation. Last word art is perfect for demonstrating these possibilities and it’s a tool for inspiring people with these innovations.

I would love to work in the trough of disillusionment because it offers the maximum potential for creating disruptive and innovative products. There is enough initial work done on it so it’s not like shooting in the dark. These ideas are ripe for innovation because they haven’t been fully understood yet and it has hit a creative block. It is for similar reasons Schulze prefers to work in this segment of the GHC.


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