FWA/LWA and the Hype Cycle

The FW/LW art concept graphed neatly onto the hype cycle in my mind; first word concepts are praised for their ingenuity at the peak of innovation trigger, and last word concepts are memorialized in lasting glory atop the plateau of productivity. However, the plateau of productivity would have to end after the LWA. The definitive nature of the LWA brings the issue of time and context into the picture. If the LWA marks the end of a certain artform or concept, there must be a vast number of hype cycles that conclude in the LWA generated throughout the period of human creativity.

I am more interested in LWA than FWA. I find the concept of perfection and idealism fascinating, along with the concept’s development towards its ubiquitous level of acceptance. Understanding the hype cycle is key to creating a product late enough to avoid being classified as purely novel, and early enough to remain relevant.

Schulz repeatedly mentioned his fondness for simple, straightforward problems that just require a steady grind to complete. These are the types of problems that lie in the trough of disillusionment. After technology has fallen from the peak of innovation, we have gained a familiarity with it that makes it a part of our materialistic vocabulary. At that point, Schulz feels comfortable creating an enduring, proven product that will earn a steady productivity. He also said how technology in this area was vastly cheaper than that at the forefront of innovation.


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