Reactions FW/LW – GHC model

FW art lies I think tends to lie in the technology trigger and peak of inflated expectations of the GHC if we decide to guide ourselves by this model, LW art would be likely in the top of the plateau of productivity where the most advanced form of the technology or art is achieved. Schulze says he likes to work in the trough of disillusionment because the investment that has been put into the technology has allowed it to become ultra-cheap and accessible but because of the disillusionment with it, it has been put on the side. His thought I imagine is that working with those technologies before they continue towards the slope of enlightenment will allow him to be a part of that slope and of what would be LW art or in his case design, the ultimate potential of the technology. My interest is not necessarily in an area of the curve or in either FW/LW but rather on what I perceive as having a potential to transform regardless of point in the cycle the experience of people. The GHC model is one of technologies and the essay FW/LW is one of innovative vs ultimate-form art, neither of these is necessarily connected to a potential impact on the quality of life and experience of people which is what is most compelling to me. I see the huge potential of many of these technologies in terms of how they can enhance life but I also see many which are not very interesting in this regard. An example of the former would be 3D bioprinting and an example of the latter would be OTA payment which to me seems more of a convenience thing rather than a technology that truly would improve the experience of life.


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