Gartner Hype Cycle and FW/LW art

Sort of obvious, right? First word art is on the left side of the GHC, last word art on the right. When you’re talking about people implanting arduinos in their arms, it’s first word art; when you talk about your iphone as a work of art, it’s last word art.

Where do I like to work? I’d like to say the trough too, for the reasons Schulze mentions. Also:

  • it’s less incessantly competitive – in the trigger/peak phase, there’s a rush to be first to market or first to publish
  • you can make something that actually lasts
  • you can reflect on what some people have already done and what this technology means in people’s lives
  • you don’t waste as much time on total false starts; having been through a crash, you can see at least some of those things’ downfalls without experiencing them yourselves
  • relatedly, there’s less hacking time before you can make something cool. When a new gadget comes out, to use it at all requires a ton of work; by the time you get to the trough, there are often some APIs or people who’ve trudged through the boring hacky bits
  • it’s not boring yet. In the plateau, there’s little room to innovate.

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