Golan Levin Exercise: GHC and FW/LW

First Word Art lies in the Innovation Trigger part of the Hype Cycle. The Innovation Trigger portion of the cycle contains technologies that are still emerging, including First World Art pieces that are regarded as “groundbreaking” because they seem to be completely new. Last Word Art lies in areas of the spectrum outside of the Innovation Trigger because these areas contain technology that people have already been exposed to and that are judged based on similar things that have come before.

Personally, I’m most interested in the technology that lies in the Innovation Trigger area. Things that have already been done don’t interest me. There’s really no “wrong” way of proceeding when you’re working in an almost entirely new area— you’re defining the right and wrong as you go along. And space at the peak is too crowded; there’s much more room to play around in the surrounding areas.   

I think Schulze prefers to work in the Trough of Disillusment for reasons similar to why I prefer the Innovation Trigger. However, as a product designer, I think he is more interested in technology that’s already been invented so he doesn’t have to invent it himself; he just has to make good use of the technology that other people have already created.


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