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To create the artifacts, I first planned out the three articles to write, and through this mapped out the progression of the show “Lab Ratz” from pilot to the end of the season.

1. Pilot airing of new reality tv show about scientists, “Lab Ratz”. Talk about reception, ratings, general description and review of episode and characters and speculation for the future of the show,

  • America’s Next Top Scientist: Compete to win an NSF Grant or to 
  • Science Bachelor: (see below) Grads compete to get into a research lab for a scientist with a massive H-index.
  • Hell’s Lab: (see below)
  • Piled higher and Deeper: PhD Comics spinoff: follows the everyday lives of scientists/phd students from one particular la

2. Talk about shifting changes in perception of the scientist, “The Jersey Shore Effect”. Headline: “Is ____ making us smarter or making science dumber?” Talk about the ways the stars are enjoying and reacting to this newfound fame, the kind of paparazzi reaction, tabloid reaction, etc. Discuss the way it’s changed students’ shifted perception towards science classes and careers. Maybe give opinions from people in science as well as opinions from the general public. Mention the new spinoff shows being slated to air soon from different networks (the other gameshows that weren’t used)

3. The Expose: One of the stars has dropped out of the show and gives exclusive interview about how she or he has seen a change in them because of fame, the loss of focus on research, the sponsorship for designer lab equipment etc, so unused to attention from people and having ‘fans’ that it gets to their head, how she/he feels about how the public’s view of science has changed (for better or for worse?), how stars’ perceived by science community has changed. Maybe bring up Dr Oz giving untruthful information on his show as an example? great website with reality tv show ideas for scientists

The Science Bachelor: Watch as 12 science groupies vie for the affection of a scientist with a massive h-index. Contestants try to impress their intended with contests such as who can clone the longest piece of DNA and who has the highest efficiency qPCR standard curves with the most consistent triplicates. Each week one groupie is asked to hang up their lab coat, put away their pipettors and walk away with their dreams shattered forever.

The Apprentice: 10 people who think they have what it takes to be scientists, but are actually super-incompatible social misfits specially selected by the producers, vie for a place in the lab of a nobel prize winning scientist. To prove their worth they have to perform a series of completely unrealistic experiments and when they fail spectacularly, they are fired.

Hell’s Lab: 10 Z-listers who claim to be passionate about science (anything to get on TV) have to learn the ropes in order to survive working in the lab of an English PI with a neuropsychiatric disorder that causes him to swear profusely.

Stars of Science is a real reality show in the Arab world where people present their innovative projects and compete to win money to fund their project. I believe it will take time for Arabs to move away from the entertainment shows that they are used to watching,” says Ceem Haider, media spokeswoman for the programme. “But I also believe they will be hooked when they see the inventions being offered.” It currently has four seasons.


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