Final project. Plan & Control Your Life. Be Happy

final results

This post is devoted to the final presentation of my third project for Design Fictions class called “Plan and control your life. Be happy.”

Here you can find the final paper for this project: Final Paper Alina Onishchenko 

If you are interested in the process, please review the following posts about this project:

The final slide deck this project:

Initially, I set myself two goals for this project:

1. Present and describe a wearable artifact that helps people keep track of their lives
2. Convey ideas of its advantages and disadvantages; future impact on society
As a result, I present a product.
Bracelet “Track&Live”, which has the following functionality:
  • Set goals and plans for different time in the future
  • Record an audio letter for yourself in the future
  • Ask user to write down 3 good things about every day
  • Analyze current way of life and predict if it will lead to achieving the goals set
  • Provide useful information which may help in achieving goals
  • Record all important factors (personal mood, interaction with people, other circumstances) to remember good/bad experience
  • Analyze current emotional and environmental state to predict the chance of recurrence of bad/good experience and notify a person about it.

To demonstrate the product itself and how it would fit into our everyday life i made three artifacts:

  1. Advertising poster of the bracelet
  2. Diary of a girl who uses it
  3. Product page on and a customer review


New poster image


Diary Diary3 Diary4 Diary5 Diary6 Diary7 pages:

product page review

Results of this project:

  • 3 artifacts that made a sense that the product exists
  • 3 different artifacts showed the bracelet and its impact on people’s lives from different sides:
    • Poster: brand that attracts people, sense of resolve and power
    • Diary: how usual people really use it, what they like and what problems they might have
    • pages: increase the feeling that the technology is already here and show how it fits into our today’s life

Main idea I wanted to convey:

Technology develops and penetrates more and more in people’s lives.

However, we shouldn’t rely on it too much and forget how to deal with problems alone.

Technology should become your partner, not a substitution of your self-consciousness and self-control.


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