Happiness. Interesting resources.


I am currently conducting research for Project 3: Living a good life

Here I will provide the list of interesting resources devoted to the topic of happiness: 

  1. Article by The New York Times called ‘Happiness, Beyond the data.
    The author’s discourse is about four main things that sum up to happiness (luck, fulfilling work, pleasure and love) and how hard it is to achieve it in our world.
  2. Special issue of e-magazine Colors: Happiness which will helps to become happy, find love and friends and follow your way.
  3. Funny system developed by Rekimoto labs called HappinessCounter. A typical example of “Fake it till you make it” approach: the systems forces people to smile by controlling their face expressions in various life situations. Eventually, people smile more often and feel themselves more relaxed and happy.

    The following are the links to different articles and how-to sources that help in self-reflecting and changing your life for the better.

  4. Take control of your life 

  5. 8 goal-setting mistakes 

  6. 5 people who secretly control your life

  7. 10 ways to gain control of your life

  8. Five ways to live your life without regrets

  9. How to actively control your time and your life

  10. Reflections on work

  11. How to reflect on life

  12. 39 ways to live and not merely exist

  13. How to overcome serious regrets

  14.  40 ways to live your life without regrets


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