Celebrity Scientist : Ideation

What if scientists were treated the same way as celebrities?


First Run Through: Tabloid (like Cosmo), or a Perez Hilton type website but all focused on science/engineering figures. Maybe articles on scientists with “blinged out” labs what we value as general knowledge, critiquing celebrity culture and also the stereotypes of science and engineering today. Ideas for content: 

  • Mind workout tips (exercise your brain)  
  • Spring “must have” electrical components
  • Lab coat fashion
  • Fake Scientist Scandal / gossip

The Goal is to get people thinking about what we consider “important” to know and the things that we obsess over and care about. Hopefully it will get people to realize and think about how silly our obsession with celebrities is, as well as wonder why we don’t care as much about other influential people in other fields.


  • growing interest and “coolness factor” in science/scientists
  • science celebrities: bill nye, brian cox, dara o’briain
  • hard for general people to understand high level science
  • world wide obsession with famous people like actors, singers, socialites 
  • Celebrity Worship Syndrome 
  • celebrities showing off their interest/enthusiasm in science
  • “The Sagan Effect”: if you have time to communicate, you’re not spending
  • all your time on research, and thats what ‘real scientists do’

What if?

  • many shy/introverted. backlash?-> “closet scientists”, ones that publish anonymously to avoid spotlight
  • rise of pseudo-scientists (celebrities who fall out of the limelight and want to get back in? ie HP: Lockhart)
  • paparazzi? what would the general populace want to know about them? what to gossip about?
  • would new attention on scientists cause them to lose focus on their work and let it get to their head? “sellouts”
  • rise of “translators” who are like their publicists, communicate high level concepts down into simpler terms
  • Inventors also celebrities, kids dream about being new famous inventors
  • Engineers/Scientists = superheros?magicians? (Ex: Elon Musk)

Other Ideas: 

  • Nerd Charm School (popular!)
  • Scientist stylist?
  • Louie V Science Labs -> Scientists falling all over the spectrum between embracing and total rejection (people in the middle just doing enough to play the game)

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